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8th Grade Seminar coming 2019-2020 - Curriculum TBA!

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- Harnessing Your Temperament

- Nourishing Your Body: Sleep, Exercise, Breaks

- Happiness, Image and Purpose

- The Power of Decision Making

- Understanding and Being Understood

- Common Good Begins in the Family

- Purpose and Time Allocation

- Venture Symposium

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- Building on Your Strengths

- Resilience & Problem Solving

- Beauty as Service

- Observing & Conserving Creation

- Communication in a Global Society

- Care for Others: Emotional and Intellectual Needs

- The College Application and Decision Process

- Venture Symposium

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Senior Seminar Coming in Future Years!

Philosophy classes

- Who Created Reality? Truth, Natural Law, and Moral Relativism

- What makes something be what it is and not something else?

- Understanding Human Nature: Our Capacities and Purpose

- Forming one's Conscience and Will: Being Truly Free

- The Quest for Feminine Identity Part One: Complementarity of Man and Woman

- The Quest for Feminine Identity Part Two: Having a Vocational Sense of Being a Woman

- The Quest for Feminine Identity Part Three: "Humanity is Especially in her Care"